What are the types of moisture-proof pads


The common moisture-proof pads on the market are as fol […]

The common moisture-proof pads on the market are as follows:

A. Single-layer moisture-proof pad
Many outdoor stores sell single-layer sponge pads with a thickness of 5-7mm. The material is very common, which is cut from ordinary dyed sponge pads. The characteristic is that the price is very cheap. It is said that you can buy it under 10 yuan. The colors are also very bright and beautiful
There are also many disadvantages: too thin, not warm, easy to absorb (moist) water, and will squash and deform after long use. If you don't wear a jacket, it is easy to be broken by branches, and it is not wearable at all. Basically use 4 or 5 times to eliminate it.

B. Double-layer moisture-proof pad
There are three types: wear-resistant, tin foil, and egg nest.
The tin foil type is actually to paste a layer of tin foil on one side of the single-layer moisture-proof pad by hot melt, which strengthens the water resistance (the tin foil is used facing down) and also enhances the tear resistance.
Wear-resistant type is to paste the same area of ​​wear-resistant black rubber layer on one side of the single-layer moisture-proof pad. The wear-resistant layer faces downward when in use. Probably the thickness has increased to more than 7-9MM. Sleeping comfort is good, even if you don’t wear a moisture-proof cushion coat, it can effectively resist the abrasion of branches and sand. However, the black rubber layer is naturally not as effective as the metal tin foil surface. If the contact surface is too wet, it will still absorb about 10% of the water.
The egg nest type is a wavy concave-convex surface moisture-proof pad. People sleep on the foamed sponge of the wavy egg nest layer, which can form an air insulation layer between the human body and the concave-convex gap between the egg nest and has a good warmth retention effect. Moreover, the concave-convex type foams more fully than the flat type sponge, and it feels softer and more comfortable when sleeping on it. But the disadvantage is that after a long period of use, the concave and convex surface of the egg nest will gradually be squashed and flattened, which is to remind you that it is time to change the moisture-proof pad.
The previous egg nest moisture-proof mats are all single-layer, one side is the egg nest wave, the other is flat. Nowadays, wear-resistant black rubber is basically attached to the plane layer. But I haven't found a metal foil surface.
The above 3 kinds of moisture-proof pads are arranged in descending order according to the effect of use as a water-retaining effect: Tinfoil wear-resistant type = Egg nest wear-resistant egg nest comfort: Egg nest wear-resistant wear-resistant tin foil type Durability: resistant Abrasion-resistant thickness of ground tin foil egg nest: Abrasion-resistant egg nest egg nest
Wear-resistant type and egg nest type are ugly, bulky and heavier than tin foil.

C. Professional EVA physical foaming moisture-proof pad.
Use balanced physical foam, uniform thickness (9-15MM), and not easy to be crushed. Although it is also a sponge foam, the foam density is very high, and the water blocking effect can be higher than that of the tin foil surface. There are even several EVA moisture-proof pads with a tin foil surface. The price is also amazing, more expensive than self-inflating cushions. In the international outdoor products industry, this is the most high-end professional moisture-proof mat.

D. Self inflating mats
The open air chamber is enclosed in a waterproof nylon shell, which will automatically expand when used. Advantages: It is as comfortable as the open air chamber, but the insulation is much better; it is waterproof and moisture-proof; the air volume of the air chamber can be adjusted. Zhejiang Hongfeng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. supply self inflating mats wholesale,visit:

E. Inflatable moisture-proof pad
The advantages of the inflatable cushion: Needless to say, it is more comfortable, and the softness is adjustable, and the price is not expensive. Disadvantages: too heavy, too big, and easy to break. Air cushions also cannot provide good insulation. In addition, she also has great demands on your lung capacity!

F. The coat of the moisture-proof pad
Most of the moisture-proof pads currently sold are equipped with a wear-resistant jacket. The materials are fiber cloth and PU coating. It is recommended that each moisture-proof pad be equipped with a jacket, which is not easy to get dirty. In terms of experience, since the moisture-proof pads are almost all externally hung on the backpack, be careful not to tighten the external strap too tightly, otherwise it will gradually reduce the elastic recovery of the sponge foam. Also pay attention to the tightening straps of the moisture-proof cushion jacket, and retract it into the jacket after tightening. Do not leave it outside casually, otherwise it will be easy to hang branches when crossing the jungle.